Can You Use Soft Tip Darts On Regular Dartboard? (And Why)

A few days ago, I bought soft tip darts and since I already had a regular dartboard, I thought about the possibility of using these new darts on my old dart. I browsed through the internet and trying the darts on my regular board, I came to a conclusion.

You must be eager to know whether soft tip darts can or can’t be used on a regular board, right? Since soft tip darts and steel tip darts are basically the same – the difference between is that soft tip darts have plastic on their head – they can be used on regular or bristle dartboards easily.

A regular dartboard typically has bristles on it, which is made out sisal. So whether you play with soft tip darts or steel tip darts, there won’t be much of a difference. Although, using soft tip darts will cause little to no damage to your dartboard, which is a great thing! You always have the option to convert a soft tip dart into a steel one with point converters available, but this isn’t necessary.

In this guide, I have mentioned a few important things that you must know about when playing this game so keep reading.

Can You Use Soft Tip Darts On Regular Dartboard

What Is A Regular Dartboard?

According to the Darts Regulation Authority, a regular dartboard is 17 ¾ inches in diameter and subdivided into 20 circular sections. A regular dartboard is made of sisal fiber, belongs to the agave plants. This type of a dartboard is also known as a bristle dartboard.

Commonly, steel tip darts are thrown at regular dartboards, made out of sisal fiber.

Bristle Dartboards: Self-Healing

One of the main reasons why regular or bristle dartboards are great for use is because they are made of sisal fibers, which gives this type of dartboards self-healing abilities. As a result, when a steel tip dart is used on a bristle dartboard, the sisal will prevent a hole from forming. This allows the dartboard to return to its original form.

The difference between new bristle boards and older ones is that the new ones heal much faster. In addition, the older one is likely to wear or tear, which will slow down its self-healing ability. Even if the surface isn’t damaged, the metal wiring that divides the sections is likely to bend over time. Most of this damage is caused by steel tip darts.

More About Soft Tip Dart

If you’re wondering whether soft tip darts are the same as steel tip darts then the answer is – almost. The only difference between them is that soft tip darts have a plastic point, which makes them lighter in weight compared to steel tip darts. As a result, soft tip darts are used on plastic as well as electronic dartboards.

Can Soft Tip Darts Be Used On Bristle or Regular Dartboards?

You don’t need to make any changes to the tip when using soft tip darts on a bristle board – they will attach the same way as steel tip darts do. However, the plastic will either become blunt or it will wear out as the metal on the bristle dartboard will eat up the plastic. This is why, most soft tip darts come with changeable plastic points.

In addition, when throwing a soft tip dart on a bristle board, you’ll have to exert greater force and throw harder. Since soft tip darts are light in weight compared to steel tip ones, they’ll need to be thrown harder to hit the mark. Otherwise, they might bounce off.

Why Should Use A Soft Tip Dart On A Regular or Bristle Dartboard?

You’re probably wondering – “what’s the point of throwing soft tip darts on bristle boards?” Well, you’ll be surprised to find out a few good reasons why you should.

The main reason why you should use soft tip darts is for the purpose of practicing. This is because getting the angle of the dart’s throw right is crucial, especially when you’re using a soft tip dartboard. You want to be sure that the soft tip dart doesn’t deflect. For this, you’ll need to practice on a regular dartboard!

Normally, soft tip darts need a flat throw way. If you aim at an angle, the chances of the dart bouncing off are high. This is why, throwing a soft tip dart at a bristle dartboard is great because it allows the flat throw way, allowing darts to impact them with greater angle. This is why, using a bristle dartboard is a great way to improve your soft tip dart throw.

Another great reason why you throw soft tip darts at bristle dartboards is that if you ever have company such as friends, family, or even children around, you won’t have to worry about them ruining your favorite steel tip darts or damaging your walls, floor, or furniture (especially couches or sofas!).

Can Soft Tip Darts Ruin A Bristle Dartboard?

Soft tip darts are harmless to your bristle dartboards. However, if the plastic point is damaged or bent, then it may cause a damage. In my opinion, soft tip darts are much gentler on the dartboard.

Is It Possible To Use Steel Tip Darts On Soft Tip Dartboards?

Whether you’re a beginner or pro at dart games, it should go without saying that steel tip darts must never be thrown at soft tip boards whether the surface is electronic or made of plastic. Since the steel tip darts are heavy and metallic, they will end up damaging the soft surface. It is best to avoid experimenting with steel darts on soft tip dartboard surfaces as the chances of damage are quite high.

What Are Point Conversions And Should I Buy Them?

Soft tip point conversions are the extra steel point heads that allow you to convert your soft tip dart into a steel tip dart. Although it is not necessary for you to buy point conversions, it is definitely going to be a great investment if you wish to play a pro-level game. In addition, having point conversions will help you make your soft tip dart last longer as the plastic point is likely to wear out or get damaged sooner than a steel tip.

How To Convert Your Soft Tip Dart Into A Steel Tip Dart?

The process of converting a soft tip dart into a steel tip one is super easy. You simply need to screw the conversion on to the soft tip darts. With a simple step, you’ll be able to convert your dart’s plastic tip into a steel one. Remember, this conversion will make your soft tip dart heavier so you’ll have to practice your throw a bit for the right aim and hit.

In conclusion, it is best to soft tip conversion with o-ring to eliminate the need for constant re-tightening. Overall, soft tip darts are a great option to have in your home, especially if you have a regular or bristle dartboard. Not only will it help you practice your throw, but it will also work wonderfully as a great alternative to your friends and family – allowing you to save your precious, steel tip darts.

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